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Hawk Talk Authentic Masculinity Discussions

University Housing & Dining has implemented a new residential curriculum, the Residence Education Model.  The model is designed to improve living on campus at the UI and advance the responsibility of the students.  Resident Assistants focus on getting to know their residents as individuals rather than lumping them into groups.

The program is committed to helping students achieve three main goals:

  • Learning about Self
  • Discovering Relationships
  • Engaging in Community

Resident Assistants have a set of discussion points focusing on authentic masculinity.   These include a series of three discussions about:

  1. What is means to be a man in college, the pressures that exist, and the messages about masculinity and the impacts
  2. How being a man impacts college experiences, perceptions of relationships with other men and unwritten rules for men in college
  3. What has been learned about masculinity this semester, how relationships with men could be improved and how learning about gender norms could continue

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