The University of Iowa is conducting research about perceptions of sexual misconduct and educational programming as a follow up to the Speak Out Iowa survey.   Focus groups with UI undergraduate students who identify as part of specific demographic groups will be conducted in 2020.

The goals of this research are to identify and assess:

  1. Perceptions of undergraduate students about the issue of sexual misconduct on campus, and the education, interventions and resources provided

  2. Information about perpetrators of sexual violence and learn more about participants' experiences with sexual violence within their community

  3. Knowledge and barriers students may have about bystander intervention strategies and disclosing experiences with sexual violence.

  4. Perceptions of UI sexual violence intervention programs, how we can improve and what else can we be doing

What is involved for participants:

  • One-time participation 90-minute focus group session on campus  
  • Brief demographic survey
  • Participates may be paid a small stipend in the form of an Amazon gift card. International students participants are eligible for a drawing of an Amazon gift card.
  • Support from a campus advocate will be available during the focus group
  • Participation is completely voluntary and participants may opt-out at any time

For more information or to be included in a group, contact Alicia Vance Aguiar at