What about Me(n) Summit - 2020

The annual What About Me(n)? summit provides an opportunity for youth, parents, campus staff, faculty and community partners to engage in critical conversations and skill-building toward the a better understanding on authentic masculinity through collaborative education and action with all genders in the university and community. Small group sessions are led by national and local leaders who are passionate about this work. This event is sponsored by the University of Iowa Men & Masculinities Coalition and participants of any gender, race and ethnicity are welcome. 

This year's summit featured keynote speaker Craig Bidimen, Health Promotion Specialist at University of Massachusetts, Boston.  Craig is known for his non-traditional, engaging style and focuses on mens' mental health topics.


Men & Masculinities Coalition

As part of the University of Iowa Anti-Violence Plan, the university is committed to expanding and coordinating its efforts in mobilizing and engaging male-identified students, staff, faculty, and community partners to work as allies with all genders to create a culture of respect free from gender-based violence.  The Men & Masculinities Coalition is open to students, staff, faculty or community partners who are champions of our mission, regardless of age, gender, race or ethnicity.

Goal #1: Foster critical conversations about authentic masculinity across campus.

  • Provide programming on healthy masculinities for a variety of audiences
  • Promote events and programming across campus and on social media

Goal #2: Increase students’ knowledge and skills in engaging healthy relationships.

  • Provide programming on healthy relationships
  • Measure learning outcomes of program participants to evaluate knowledge gained

Goal #3: Broaden and build a coalition with engaged partners that connects the University community and beyond.    

  • Promote opportunities for training and mentoring   
  • Increase trainer participation at community-sponsored events   
  • Measure learning outcomes of program participants to evaluate knowledge gained   

 Members during 2019-20 included: