DIFFICULT CONVERSATIONS: Partnering for Student Success

College is a time of transition for students and families. One of the most challenging aspects of this transition can be having conversations regarding difficult situations students may encounter.

Parent and family sessions during orientation focus on providing strategies to engage students in difficult conversations about alcohol, sexual assault, and other aspects of college life that impact a student’s ability to be successful. Whether or not they choose to drink, most college students are directly or indirectly affected by the use and abuse of alcohol. Because the University of Iowa strongly values the safety of all students, it is also important to discuss interpersonal violence and sexual assault.

Effective strategies for addressing alcohol, sexual assault, and other concerns are presented by University of Iowa campus partners and resources that are available to support students in making healthy choices and being successful at Iowa. The IOWA Challenge provides a path to student success, including an expectation that students choose wisely in all areas of their lives. The University of Iowa is committed to partnering with students and their families to support a healthy, safe, and vibrant campus experience