Raising Awareness

Raising awareness is critical to helping prevent gender-based violence and discrimination. The following workshops work toward raising awareness of this issue.

Better Men. Better Hawkeyes.

Better Men. Better Hawkeyes. is a free, one-hour program dedicated to promoting healthy masculinity across campus, specifically engaging groups where students who identify as men come together. The program intends to address sexual violence by fostering large and small group discussions about gender stereotypes and sexual consent among peers. To find more information about the program or to sign up for a class, visit the website.

Dismantling Rape Culture Workshop

Interrogates the way that our society is set up to both subtly and overtly support sexual violence and offers participants a framework to challenge rape culture in their own lives. The session offers pop culture examples of rape culture, discusses the repercussions of not challenging this culture, and offers small group work on how to challenge it using popular song lyrics and/or scenarios.

Responding to Disclosures

This workshop is intended primarily for staff, faculty, and students who are not mandatory reporters on campus, but who want to know how to compassionately respond to disclosures of gender-based violence and discrimination. The program focuses on likely forms of disclosure, how to respond appropriately, and where to connect individuals to resources on campus and in the community. Participants will have the opportunity to practice compassionate responses using tailored scenarios.


Programs are scheduled by request and can be tailored to fit the specific needs of groups. Additionally, facilitators work with groups to ensure content is culturally informed. To schedule a program please complete this form.