Raise the Bar

Raise the Bar (RTB) is a training opportunity for local bar staff to gain knowledge on sexual assault dynamics, red flags, and how alcohol is used to facilitate sexual violence. This training teaches bystander intervention skills with the goal of developing a coordinated response to prevent sexual violence. Participants will learn to recognize their own barriers to interrupting harm and build stamina in sitting with discomfort. Raise the Bar discusses safety/support messages and changes in policy that promote cultural shift in settings that serve alcohol. For more information contact Rebecca Evans (rebecca-l-evans@uiowa.edu). 

Adapted from the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center and Collective Action for Safe Spaces

Youth Education

RVAP offers a variety of youth educational & prevention programs that provide the knowledge, empowerment, and tools necessary to end sexual violence. These programs are intentionally designed to be age appropriate for elementary, middle, and high school aged students.  RVAP currently facilitates the evidence based Safe Dates and the Bringing in the Bystander curriculum. RVAP can also customize programs for your students’ needs.  To learn more about education & prevention offerings contact RVAP at 319.335.6001.