The Campus Education Subcommittee (CES) of the campus and community-wide Anti-Violence Coalition works collaboratively to address the larger systemic problem of gender-based violence and discrimination through the programs and projects below. 

Educating Incoming Students

Incoming University of Iowa students receive various forms of education on topics surrounding gender-based violence and discrimination.

Curriculum Infusion

Curriculum infusion engages the university community in prevention efforts by allowing prevention educators to work collaboratively with faculty members to design and deliver gender-based violence and discrimination prevention content across the curriculum. 

Community Collaboration

The University of Iowa strives to collaborate with and educate the larger Iowa City community on violence prevention and provide education to University of Iowa students' parents and guardians on the topic of gender-based violence and discrimination. 

Men and Masculinities  

As part of the University of Iowa Anti-Violence Plan, the university is committed to expand and coordinate its efforts in mobilizing and engaging male-identified students, staff, faculty, and community partners to work as allies with all genders to create a culture of respect free from gender-based violence. 


Campaigns play an important role in changing social norms by sharing basic facts with members of the community and raising awareness around issues of gender-based violence and discrimination. 

Parent Handbook 

The transition to college is an important time for students and their families, and we want to provide you with information about how the University of Iowa addresses sexual misconduct (which includes sexual assault and sexual harassment), dating violence, and stalking. Read the Parent Handbook