Incoming University of Iowa students receive various forms of education on topics surrounding gender-based violence and discrimination.

Every Choice

All incoming undergraduate and transfer students are required to complete an online sexual misconduct prevention course called, Every Choice. The Every Choice program is one part of a larger course called Success at Iowa. Students receive two credit hours for completing the entire Success at Iowa course during their first semester at The University of Iowa. The Every Choice program is an interactive online program that is designed to help students protect themselves and others from sexual assault, harassment, stalking, and dating/domestic violence. The program also focuses on bystander intervention skills to help students feel empowered to speak up and intervene to prevent potentially violent situations from occurring. Students learn what constitutes sexual misconduct, how to intervene when they see it, and what resources are available if it happens to them or someone that they know. The program incorporates various interactive videos and real-life stories. Additional Every Choice booster materials are available below under the Every Choice Toolkit.

Every Choice Toolkit


Not Anymore

All incoming graduate and professional students are required to take Not Anymore, an online course which educates students on gender-based violence and discrimination and bystander intervention. Students who do not complete the mandatory program have a hold placed on their registration until they complete the course.

On Iowa! Choose Curriculum

All incoming undergraduate students are required to attend the CHOOSE session during On Iowa! During the CHOOSE session students learn additional information about gender-based violence and discrimination and bystander intervention, including viewing the Choose Care video where various problematic situations on campus were staged using actors to see how students would intervene. This session engages students in a variety of hands on and interactive learning experiences to better enhance their skills, knowledge, and resources surrounding topics of gender-based violence and discrimination as they enter The University of Iowa.

Fraternity and Sorority Life

Students who are members of Fraternity and Sorority Life receive mandatory education on gender-based violence and discrimination. Students participate in a series of trainings throughout the academic year, and each chapter must receive at least one training throughout the academic year. 


All incoming athletes receive bystander intervention training as a part of a required Athletics Transition Seminar. Individual teams can receive additional training on topics of gender-based violence and discrimination upon their request.