The Our Community Cares message is a campus-wide effort to provide recognition for all activities that work toward ending violence at Iowa. We would love to partner with you. If you are planning an event, program, or workshop, continue reading below for additional information and guidelines for use of the Our Community Cares message.

Guidelines for Use

The use of this message is overseen by the Anti-Violence Coalition Campus Education Subcommittee. Consistent with other University of Iowa branding standards, the Our Community Cares message may be incorporated in multiple ways to promote activities, events and calls to action aimed at preventing violence at Iowa.

These may include:

  • Promotional publications such as posters and kiosk images
  • Social media posts
  • Websites where activities are being promoted that prevent violence at Iowa

Objectives or goals of the event/program/workshop should fall into one of the Gender-Based Learning Outcomes Goals to: 

  1. Engage in health relationships
  2. Engage as an active bystander
  3. Respond effectively to disclosures
  4. Report problems

The integrity of the font and design should be used under the guidance of the University of Iowa Strategic Communications.

Providers of regularly scheduled anti-violence programming may use the messaging freely. If you are planning a new program or campaign around anti-violence work, contact if you have any questions.

Contains the text "Our Community Cares" in front of the Old Capitol at sunset

Access the Our Community Cares graphic files here:

Download the entire set of Our Community Cares graphics (.zip)

History of the Message

The University of Iowa 2018-2021 Anti-Violence Plan includes a strategy in the Prevention and Education section to “Expand student prevention and education so every student develops the knowledge and skills to engage in healthy relationships, be active bystanders, respond effectively to disclosures, and report problems.”  One specific tactic is to “Expand messaging campaigns across campus, coordinated through the Campus Education Subcommittee.”  

 A work group, consisting of stakeholders from across campus, was charged with creating an overarching message to tie various messaging campaigns together and for use across campus in different contexts (student, employment, etc.), focusing an preventing violence at Iowa.

"Our Community Cares” was selected as the overarching message to demonstrate the university’s commitment to preventing acts of interpersonal violence. This message was selected because it is both a broad message that connects stakeholders interested in campus safety and interpersonal violence prevention, and also clearly reinforces pro-social behavior and community action.

 The design elements of “Our Community Cares” were designed to be flexible so it can be adapted for a variety of campaigns and communications across multiple mediums on campus. It was also designed to be low effort so it can be easily implemented across multiple units and student organizations, and to be anchored with the University of Iowa brand. Social media messaging should use #IowaCommunityCares.